Driveway sealcoating...And then there were two

Some of this is getting downright silly, but first the good news: Contractor F called back and said they'd send out an estimator. He showed up on time and in a truck bearing the company name and a phone number. A pre-printed estimate sheet not only had the company name, address, and phone number on it, it had the sealer brand name and manufacturer in big, bold letters. Along with the estimate he handed my wife a two-color sheet, printed on both sides, that had the sealer name and support information, an explanation of what sealcoating provides to a pavement, a mention of why sand is added to sealer, and a list of reasons why we should choose his company. Estimate: $240. That's the good news. The bad news is what's going on with the remaining contractors my wife called. Contractor C finally called back. He was surprised my wife wanted an estimate and said he wouldn't give one. "With gas prices so high, why don't you call us when you're ready to get the driveway done and I'll come out and do it on the spot." I suppose that's one way to deal with the high fuel prices but, uh, thanks anyway.

Contractor D still hasn't returned my wife's phone calls; Contractor E (on my wife's second call to them) told her "they weren't doing estimates at this time. We're only taking names and we'll call you back when we're ready but we're not sure when that will be." Well, good luck with that. Six contractors called, three bids, two worth considering.