Driveway Sealcoating... Done!

Well, my driveway is finally sealcoated, and the contractor did a nice job. He battled through lousy weather, scheduling and canceling twice before scheduling a third time and finally getting the work in. A two-person crew showed up on time, one wearing a t-shirt with the company name, logo and phone number on it (we didn't ask where the other fella's t-shirt was).. One person started cleaning the driveway with a walk-behind blower while the other filled a wheeled buggy with sealer, then pushed it to the back where he began edging. Both men squeegee-applied the sealer, and they did a nice job paying attention to the edges, as you can see from the photo. Six contractors called, two bids considered, and a job well-done. Now I can stripe the free-throw and three-point lines!