Want More Profit...for FREE?

Quite the headline, isn't it? But we can show you how -- with help from some of our friends. On October 30 at noon Central Standard Time I'll be moderating our first live webcast, which will be conducted by Brad Humphrey, Pinnacle Development Group. The webcast, titled "Squeezing 3-5% More Profit from Your Business," is sponsored by Elgin Sweepers -- so it's FREE to listen in and see what you can learn. And while it's sponsored by Elgin, it is by no means a sweepers-only session. What Brad will do is hit the high points of his top-rated 90-minute National Pavement Expo seminar, covering a host of things any contractor, or really every contractor, can do within his or her current business structure to squeeze just a little more profit from the operation. And based on what we've been hearing all year -- that work is plentiful but margins are tighter -- what better time to tune in and check this out? Pre-registration is encouraged, but you can register up to the last minute. Visit www.forconstructionpros.com/webcast to sign up. (If you want more detail on the topic you can sign up for Brad's full session ($65) at either National Pavement Expo West, Nov. 20-22 in Las Vegas, or National Pavement Expo, Feb. 18-21 in Charlotte, NC.)