How Leadership Behavior Effects Health & Safety Management

Learn how leaders can integrate health and safety programs throughout a company to improve results

March 23, 2011
March 23, 2011
Wednesday, March 23
7:30 - 9:00 am

Technical aspects of health and safety management systems are well established, but there are many pitfalls to executing the systems effectively in the workplace. Too often, health and safety is isolated in a silo, rather than being fully integrated into overall operations management. This presentation, with Steve Boydston, senior consultant of DNV Business Assurance, explores how integrating health and safety into functions such as human resources, maintenance, purchasing and engineering can reduce injury rates, property damage and environmental impacts. Understand how critical the role of leadership is in providing consistency across the organization.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the importance of leadership training and education that supports employee's needs
  • Learning how properly balanced metrics for leading and lagging indicators can drive Right Actions, Right Results and Right Rewards in the workplace
  • Discovering how leaders can apply the "Leadership Example" to involve employees in improving management effectiveness

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