Concrete 2029: A Visioning Workshop

What will the in-place construction industry look like in 2029?

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What will the in-place construction industry look like in 2029? The industry you and your family depend on for your living.

Could the wood industry truly capture the multi-story building market?

Could another recession make low bid the only method of securing a job?

Might you have to close your doors because no young person wants to become a concrete finisher?

Is it possible that global warming, or the perceived threat of global warming could make concrete a tainted product due to its carbon footprint?

Could a poor image so weaken the industry that only the very strong survive?

While these questions might seem far-fetched, recent events have made them more relevant and discussion-worthy.

In an effort to help secure the concrete construction industry – for us all – by getting in front of these issues and others, the American Society of Concrete Contractors has asked ACI’s Strategic Development Council to oversee a Visioning Workshop on May 10, 2016 in San Antonio, one day prior to the Strategic Development Session  #39.

At a pre-planning meeting earlier this year, industry leaders identified three areas of primary focus for the Workshop:

  • Defining and improving in-place quality
  • Improving workplace productivity
  • Improving industry promotion and perception

In this one-day session speakers will present brief talks on the current state of these issues facing concrete construction industry.

  • Variation in Delivery – Jay Thomas, Rick Smith
  • The Owner’s Mindset – Jeff Coleman
  • Consequences of Poor Design – Jacque Marchand
  • Why It’s So Hard to Attract New Blood– Ron Magnus
  • What Must Happen to Improve Productivity – Chris Plue
  • The Poor Image of Concrete – Peter Emmons, Bev Garnant

The talks will be followed by breakout sessions designed to stimulate deliberation and drive invention. The ultimate purpose: to create a Concrete Roadmap 2029 that will provide specific, substantial direction.

For additional information contact any of the following: Peter Emmons - (410) 850-7000; Bev Garnant - (314) 962-0210; or Doug Sordyl - (248) 848-3757.

To register for the event, visit: