Excavator Simulator Training Pack

CM Labs' training pack features the world’s first commercial application of an innovative new method of soil simulation

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The Excavator Simulator Training Pack features the world’s first commercial application of an innovative new method of soil simulation. It incorporates Smart Training Technology, resulting in a training tool that delivers the most transferable skills possible outside of the real equipment. The progressive learning program enables trainees to progress from basic controls familiarization to more advanced exercises such as pipe placement, trenching and bench loading. Built-in scoring and a training path that encourages self-directed learning enables trainees to develop a sense of initiative and responsibility that transfer directly to the work site.

  • Designed for deployment on any Vortex simulator
  • Exposes operators to real sights, sounds and feel of a 21-ton excavator.
  • Focuses on the three training pillars of safety, technique and efficiency
  • Automatically detects safety violations — including contacts with power lines or people, hazardous load trajectories, and turnovers
  • Captures objective scores to indicate technical proficiency, including completion time, movement efficiency and accuracy, bucket efficiency and more
  • Grade Quality Sensor (GQS) overlay provides visual indications to operators as a reminder to maintain a safety corridor on both sides of the trench
  • Real-time feedback on excavation height, slope and consistency
  • GQS provides overall excavation performance score
  • “Sandbox” exercise allows operators to refine skills by excavating near a water pipe or manhole, lifting tires, or manipulating a trench box or gravel box
  • Change the time of day at any moment during the exercise
  • Introduce inclement climate conditions

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