Dozer Simulator Training Pack

CM Labs' simulation training solution promotes acquisition of precision excavation and grading techniques

1 Dozer Training Pack Exercises

CM Labs' Dozer Simulator Training Pack lets trainees perform both heavy excavation and fine grading with simulator's 6-way blade. Dozer tracks even slip based on operator behavior.

  • Exercises designed to address common beginner challenges like setting blade angle correctly and how to maintain material in front of blade
  • Training Pack advanced exercises include excavating a drainage inlet and transversal ditch as well as trailer loading/unloading
  • Leverages same innovative soil simulation technology as CM Labs' Excavator Simulator Training Pack
  • On-screen tips
  • Best practice hints
  • Performance indicators
  • All exercises have multiple possible solutions
  • Training pack can be run from a Vortex simulator
  • Pair with Instructor Operating Station so trainers can set conditions including inclement weather and night-time operations
  • Customizable scoring system delivers objective score

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