Sena Tufftalk Earmuff Bluetooth Headset

Tufftalk is an earmuff Bluetooth communication and intercom headset designed to meet the communication and connectivity needs of industrial applications

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The Tufftalk earmuff Bluetooth communication and intercom headset sports a 1.4-km working Bluetooth range, and can provide up to 15 hours of uninterrupted intercom communication between up to four headsets.

  • Offers seamless compatibility with other Bluetooth and two-way radio devices
  • Secure earmuffs include Advanced Noise-Control technology that limits the interference of background noise (audio attenuation of 24 dB) while maintaining the full volume of voice communication
  • Ambient mode feature allows users to amplify external sounds for greater awareness of surroundings while still protecting hearing
  • Jog Dial design is glove-friendly and easy to control
  • HD quality speakers deliver crystal clear audio
  • VOX technology allows users to answer phone calls, communicate and react to voice commands, all while hands-free
  • Compatible with a Sena App to configure settings and presets easily through any smartphone
  • Completely firmware upgradeable to ensure it remains compatible with all of the latest Bluetooth technology
  • Optional hardhat mount package available
  • Optional 1.4-km communication range or 800-km with default antenna

Brochure: Sena Tufftalk Headsets

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