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Wayland, NY 14572

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2640 State Rt. 21
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Wayland, NY 14572
United States
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AirFlow Catalyst Systems is a diesel emissions solution provider.  We manufacture a targeted portfolio of diesel emissions control systems, and offer custom coating services.  Our strength lies in our proprietary wash coats and their high performance. Our company is creative and nimble, able to respond quickly with unmatched customer service. 

Our products are built for durability – internal components are made from metal or silicon carbide materials and the exterior of our cans is heavy gauge stainless steel (until we enter a market where it doesn’t matter!).

The AirFlow portfolio consists of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts and Diesel Particulate Filter Systems.  In addition to our standard products, we offer custom coating services that are very efficient and flexible.  Diesel equipment operators are faced with increasingly stringent regulations from MSHA, EPA, IMO (Int’l Maritime Organization).  NO2 restrictions underground, CO and PM restrictions above ground. 

AirFlow works with customers to solve problems and increase operational efficiency affected by emissions control systems.  We want your equipment to run as much as possible without interruption.  Retrofitting is an appealing solution for many operators who want to avoid repowering and upgrading the regulations they face. 

In addition to working with OEMs, AirFlow is very proficient at working with retrofit applications. Through the process of pre-production design and customization, duty cycle analysis, we ensure that you will get the best product for your application the first time.

Contact us and let us help you with your emissions needs.  [email protected]

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