The Rasmussen Group

Des Moines, Iowa 50316

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5550 NE 22nd Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50316

The Rasmussen Group is the management organization for nine individual companies that operate to service the heavy construction industry throughout the Central United States. The synergies among these companies have allowed The Rasmussen Group to grow and innovate in the same way that Jensen Construction, a century-old, 4th-generation family company, has throughout the years.

The Rasmussen Group is an Iowa-based company with over a century of heavy construction experience and expertise. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, The Rasmussen Group represents a variety of multi-faceted design-build heavy construction companies. With companies specializing in bridge construction, marine contracts, concrete and asphalt supply, paving, heavy hauling, dump trucks, crane operations, and fabricating steel, The Rasmussen Group can provide excellent, complete customer service with one phone call. Our diversified experience across many collaborating construction fields ensures for an on-time, safe, professional build that will keep your project on budget and provide for its successful completion.

When you choose The Rasmussen Group for your projects, you’ll find all your needs can be met by one organization. The companies assembled under The Rasmussen Group umbrella are versatile organizations, able to adapt to a project’s specific needs. The design-build ability to engineer, create, and fabricate equipment specific to a unique need makes The Rasmussen Group a leader in the construction industry. Furthermore, The Rasmussen Group companies provide the flexibility to work with open shop projects and those that require a collective bargaining agreement. Our professional executive staff is able to navigate the most complicated environments. We make the seemingly impossible possible and your vision into a reality.

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