Product Spotlight: Stains and Colors March 2007

Adding color can be an easy way to upsell a client or improve a project.

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Concrete Color Stains

  • Water-based, nonacrylic and no VOCs
  • Penetrates the surface without changing texture
  • 80 standard colors available

Newlook International, Inc.


  • Water-repellent, stain and sealer in one product
  • Beautifies and protects exterior vertical concrete and masonry surfaces
  • Silane chemistry penetrates into concrete's micro-pores


AquaStain Penetrating Formula

  • Waterborne, acrylic stain with superb penetration characteristics
  • Designed for use on decorative overlayments and concrete surfaces
  • Interior or exterior applications

Xcel Surfaces


  • Deep penetrating, acid-based stain


  • Use on old and new concrete
  • Provides permanent color with a marbled and shaded effect giving the appearance of natural stone

Super Stone

Chrome-Etch Acid Stains

  • Create natural, earth tone color shades that simulate the appearance of real stone or masonry


  • Available in 12 colors
  • Ideal for interior floors

Specialty Concrete Products

Lithochrome Tintura


    Penetrates and bonds with porous concrete or cementitious toppings for permanent, nonfading colors

  • Durable enough for interior floors, exterior hardscapes and retaining walls
  • Compliant with current air quality requirements and does not require acid residue removal and disposal

L.M. Scofield

Color Stain

  • Use to achieve an acid stain look
  • Easily applied on
  • driveways, pool decks and patios

  • Environmentally friendly
  • 16 colors available



  • Alternative to chemical stains
  • Immediate color, no neutralization or extra rinsing required
  • Colors can be mixed for dozens of
  • combinations

L&M Industries, LLC

Etching Stain

  • Provides a multi-toned finish in coffee, tan or olive
  • Comparable to weathered marble, natural stone or marble
  • Etching Stain High Gloss Sealer also available

The Quikrete Companies, Inc.

SS Rainbow Stain System

  • 26 standard waterborne stain colors available, plus custom colors
  • Add subtle accents, boldly change your concrete color or adjust color vitality by varying the pigment-to-base ratio

The Stamp Store

Custom Colors and Textures

  • Water-based stain simulates the look of natural stone and brick
  • Proprietary staining process for deep penetration into surface
  • Can be used on precast, tilt-up or cast-in-place concrete

Nawkaw Corp.

Rembrandt Polymer Stains

  • Alternative solution for concrete that can't be prepared to receive acid stains
  • Available in 12 standard colors, as well as black and white
  • No objectionable odors because of ultra-low VOCs

Kemiko Concrete Stains


  • Gives plain concrete the appearance of Italian marble, tile, terra cotta and natural stone
  • Permanent chemical stain
  • Available in a variety of natural earth tones

Increte Systems, Inc.