Spotlight: Colors & Pigments December 2006

Super Stone Color Hardener, Solomon Colors Integral Colors, Davis Colors Additives and more.

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Adding color can be an easy way to upsell a client or improve a project.

Super Stone Color Hardener
Super Stone Color Hardener is a process for permanently coloring concrete flatwork including concrete countertops.

  • Two applications are required for uniform color
  • Should be broadcast at a rate of 60 pounds per 100 sq. ft., with 75 percent of the color on the first application

Solomon Colors Integral Colors
Solomon Colors Integral Colors for ready-mix concrete are pure mineral pigments designed for use in cementitious slump applications.

  • Available in numerous colors
  • Available in standard 25-lb. repulpable bags or custom bag sizes from 1 to 49 lbs.
  • Bag can be added to ready-mix truck after opening and readily disintegrates to become part of the mix

Davis Colors Additives
Davis Colors' mix-in color additives are designed for use in any concrete product.

  • Added to the mix with an automatic dosing system or with mix-ready disentegrating bags
  • All colors meet or exceed ASTM C-979 standards
  • Weather-resistant
  • Provide permanent color

Decorative Concrete Institute Dyes
The Decorative Concrete Institute has released a new series of dyes available in 11 colors.

  • Available in Caribbean Blue, Onyx, Royal Blue, Sunbaked Orange, Ruby Red, Forest Green, Sunrise Yellow, Wheat, Tree Bark, Mahogany and Graham Cracker
  • All colors are available in water- or solvent-based, except for Caribbean Blue, which is available in only a solvent-based formula

Miracote Chameleon
The Miracote Chameleon Pigments and Effects can be used to create color shifts, translucent images, sparking accents and more.

  • Designed to work with other Miracote products including CQ Clear Epoxy Resin, Gazetop XT Topcoats and Miracote sealers
  • Available in several colors, including Pearl Devil Red, Intoxicating Mystery, Metallic Gold Illusion and Electric Blue

Nawkaw Precast Colors
Nawkaw Corp. produces a line of colors for precast concrete.

  • Creates the look of brick, block or stone
  • Finishes are applied after the precast has been applied, eliminating the need to color pieces in the yard
  • Products have a 25-year guarantee

Scofield Chromix Admixtures
L.M. Scofield's Chromix Admixtures provide permanent, fade-resistant, uniform and streak-free integral color.

  • Help control set time for improved workability and finishing characteristics
  • Expanded color chart and 400 custom colors available

enCounter enColor
enColor colors are predispersed iron-oxide pigment solids in an aqueous base liquid for coloring countertops as part of the enCounter countertop system.

  • Available in nine colors with an easy-to-use measuring and dispensing system