Spotlight: Stains and Colors March 2008

Concrete Contractor

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Chameleon Symphony Pigments & Effects

  • Use to create color shifts, translucent images, sparking accents and more
  • Designed to work with other Miracote products including CQ Clear Epoxy Resin, Gazetop XT Topcoats and Miracote sealers
  • Available in several colors, including Pearl Devil Red, Intoxicating Mystery, Metallic Gold Illusion and Electric Blue
  • Miracote

Sedona Acid Stain

  • Concentrated acid stain line with 10 colors, including the conventional acid stain colors, the more fashionable brown tones and a vibrant blue
  • Normal dilution rate of one to one with water can be increased to as much 10 parts water for increased coverage and more precise color matching
  • Cimarron Wholesale


  • Gives plain concrete the appearance of Italian marble, tile, terracotta and natural stone
  • Permanent chemical stain
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Available in a variety of natural earth tones
  • Will not react to salts, alkali or ultraviolet rays
  • Will not peel, chip, crack or fade
  • Increte Systems, Inc.


  • Deep penetrating, acid-based stain
  • Use on old and new concrete
  • Provides permanent color with a marbled and shaded effect giving the appearance of natural stone
  • Will not peel, chip or fade
  • For residential and commercial use
  • Super Stone

Chrome-Etch Acid Stain

  • Create natural, earth tone color shades that simulate the appearance of real stone or masonry
  • Available in 12 colors
  • Ideal for interior floors
  • Permanent color effect that won’t fade, chip or peel
  • Specialty Concrete Products

Chromix Admixtures Integral Colors

  • Provide permanent, fade-resistant, uniform, and streak-free integral color
  • Help control set time for improved workability and finishing characteristics
  • Expanded color chart and 400 custom colors available
  • L.M. Scofield

EZ Tique

  • Versatile coloring agent that will hold fast to any textured concrete surface
  • Can be used to revitalize a weathered concrete surface or add an antique color to freshly textured surfaces
  • Available in all of the 42 standard color hardener colors
  • 3-lb. bucket can color up to 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Proline Decorative Concrete Systems

Faux Brick Concrete Stain

  • Concentrated chemical stain for concrete
  • This reactive stain will give 10 distinct colors when used on existing concrete
  • Requirements for successful stain application include: high cement content, lack of foreign agents on surface, avoidance of using blue and green chemical stains outdoors
  • Artcrete Inc.

Elements Transparent Water-Based Stain

  • Latest in nanopigment technology
  • Micronized oxides permeate concrete surface and create translucent color variations similar to reactive acid stain
  • Wide variety of colors possible
  • Penetrating, non-film-forming stain
  • For interior and exterior applications
  • Butterfield Color

Colors for Precast Concrete

  • Creates the look of brick, block or stone
  • Finishes are applied after the precast has been applied, eliminating the need to color pieces in the yard
  • Products have a 25-year guarantee
  • Nawkaw Corporation