Brickform Ultra-M1x Concrete Coloring Product

Brickform Ultra-M1x Pre-measured Concrete Coloring
Brickform, a Division of Solomon Colors
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Brickform Ultra-M1x Pre-measured Concrete ColoringBrickform, a Division of Solomon ColorsBrickform Ultra-M1x is a blend of pure iron oxide pigment and Ultra Fiber 500, packaged in a pre-measured repulpable bag. Ultra-M1x offers a premium color system combined with the added benefit of UltraFiber 500 in the mix. Ultra-M1x can be added at the ready-mix plant or at the jobsite. Brickform Ultra-M1x requires no measuring and disperses evenly throughout the concrete mix. Ultra-M1x is the perfect choice for architectural concrete on residential, commercial and municipal applications.

  •    One bag per cubic yard
  •    Repulpable bags
  •    Fiber reinforced
  •    Reduces plastic shrinkage cracking
  •    20 premium colors
  •    1lb of fiber per bag

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