Multi-Task Material Movers

Power buggies are capable of moving more than just concrete.

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Power buggies have traditionally spent most of their time transporting concrete from a mixer truck to the pour site. But their duties are changing. Today's power buggies offer features and options that enable them to move a wide variety of materials around a site, while traversing challenging underfoot conditions.

Here are some of the latest models available.

Stone Mud Buggy
The FB1000 Mud Buggy can be configured as a stake bed, flat bed or extended flat bed. The stake bed platform is interchangeable with the standard polyethylene mortar tub and converts in less than 15 minutes. The Stake Bed Mud Buggy is powered by a 13-hp Honda engine and can carry up to 10 cu. ft. with a load capacity of 2,500 lbs. Other features include a one-piece, lift-away poly engine cover, extra-large operator platform and dual-action pedal. The outer tires can be removed to allow the Stake Bed and Flat Bed through standard doorways.

Miller Spreader MTB16 Half-Track
The MTB16 Half-Track offers an optional 4-ft. stake body bed that easily converts the buggy to a tracked utility vehicle. With the conversion, the unit can be used to transport materials such as concrete forms, brick or block sod around a jobsite. Standard high-torque hydraulic wheel motors have twice the load rating of a standard motor. The high-torque drive motors and surface area provided by the tracks enable the unit to easily climb hills.

Terex Power Buggies
The PB16 and PB21 power buggies offer 16- and 21-cu.-ft. capacities with 2,500- and 3,200-lb. maximum loads. The units can achieve a speed of 7.25 mph at 4,000 rpm. Simultaneous dump and hydrostatic drive capability allows for feathering of the load in forward and reverse. The operator's platform and control system provides for comfortable, convenient operation. A heavy-duty welded chassis facilitates greater traction and control.

Ingersoll-Rand Power Buggy
The 16.5-cu.-ft.-capacity power buggy from Ingersoll-Rand can be used for concrete spreading, demolition debris removal, spot pouring and more. It is available with either a steel or poly-type tank with a 6-in. bucket clearance in the fully dumped position. Its 13-hp Honda engine features an electric or recoil start. Optional foam-filled tires increase stability.

Magnum MPB16 Power Buggy
The MPB16 has a heavy-duty steel frame and a four-point wheel stance for maximum stability. Its 16-cu.-ft. polyethylene bucket has a 2,500-lb. payload capacity. The 13-hp Honda four-stroke engine offers recoil start. A large, slip-resistant rider's platform enhances operator safety. Features include a variable-speed hydraulic drive, top-mounted 13-gal. fuel tank, thumb-operated controls and ergonomic handle bar.

Multiquip All-wheel-drive WPB-16EAWD
The WPB-16EAWD all-wheel-drive power buggy features a traction assist valve that allows operators to activate all-wheel drive without restarting the engine. Driven by an 18-hp Vanguard electric-start engine, the unit can load up to 2,500 lbs. of material on dual wheels and 1,000 lbs. on single wheels. Its tub design reduces concrete spatter outside the bucket, while its 6-in. dump height makes it easy to maneuver over any form height. The heavy-duty frame with a low center of gravity increases stability and traction.

Crown CB16P Series Power Buggy
The CB16P series power buggy is powered by a 13-hp Honda engine and offers a maximum payload of 2,500 lbs. Its cross-link polymer bucket holds 16 cu. ft. of material and is designed to minimize splash. The bucket is restricted to a 6-in. minimum dump height to prevent accidental form damage when backing up with the bucket down. Versatility is enhanced with a riding platform that locks in the upright position for walk-behind applications. The enclosed drum braking system helps prevent failure due to concrete or dirt buildup.