LIGCHINE Makes Line Pumping Easy, Acquires E-Z Placer

The 27-ft. E-Z Placer concrete placer is now available through Ligchine.

LIGCHINE Makes Line Pumping Easy, Acquires E-Z Placer
Ligchine Beyond Level

Introduced at the 2022 World of Concrete, the E-Z Placer by Remont LLC captured the attention of attendees with its portability, ease of use, and agile approach to efficiently and quickly placing concrete in line-pump applications. 

Allowing concrete contractors to place material exactly where they need it, the E-Z Placer is self-propelled and remote-operated and designed to be a line dragger in a single, easy-to-transport unit with a 27-ft. placement reach through a 4-in. delivery line. It's also now available through one of the biggest names in laser-guided concrete screeds: Ligchine. 

In a September 2022 release, Ligchine International announced the acquisition of the E-Z Placer concrete placer and line dragger from Remont, LLC. Further strengthening the company's strategy in providing building products that address the productivity concerns of concrete contractors, Pete Ligman, Ligchine co-founder and head of Ligchine’s product development efforts sees the new machine as a great match to the Ligchine catalog. Yet, this seems to be just the beginning; they have more on the way.

“The E-Z Placer is a perfect addition to our product portfolio and the first in a series of products under development, beyond our screed line, focused on improving productivity and profitability on the jobsite,” says Ligman.

LIGCHINE Makes Line Pumping Easy, Acquires E-Z PlacerLigchine


  • 27 ft. reach
  • 4 in. delivery line
  • Powered by a 13 hp Honda GX390 engine, gas
  • Remote operated (manual controls on machine as backup)
  • 60 in. wide
  • 4,000 lbs. 

Michael Troyer, Remont LLC'’s founder has been successful in the concrete placing and pumping business for years. He explains that the E-Z Placer was designed to address deficiencies inherent in other products currently available on the market. "Ligchine’s focus on quality, responsiveness to contractor needs, and their reputation for being hyper-focused on customer service, makes Ligchine the perfect partner for this new breakthrough product,” he says.