Terex Adds Mobile Concrete Volumetric Mixers To Its Mix

Terex Materials Processing, acquired the mobile volumetric concrete mixer producer ProAll - adding to Terex's concrete sub-segment of front discharge mixer trucks and bridge and canal roller pavers.

Pro All Mixer
Terex Materials Processing | Terex Corporation

Adding to the U.S. options for mobile concrete mixer delivery trucks, Terex Materials Processing has acquired the ProAll company. ProAll is a specialist producer of mobile volumetric concrete mixers based in Canada. 

Combining state-of-the-art technology with flexibility and reliability that volumetric concrete mixers are capable of, ProAll's equipment has been designed to deliver make-to-order concrete to improve the quality and efficiency of contractor's operations and make the smaller, more specialized placements possible as well as affordable. Volumetric mixers eliminate concerns about delivery time between a concrete plant and a jobsite. Where a conventional mixer truck can deliver within a range of 2-3 hours from the plant, a volumetric mixer can deliver anywhere with no concern over material degrading or setting up in the back of a mixer. Delivering ingredients enables making several small batches to exact specifications from the same vehicle or meeting the requirements of several different jobs.

Founded more than 60 years ago, ProAll was originally an importer of volumetric mixers into Canada. Today, at 170-employees strong, the majority of the manufacturing occurs in Olds, Alberta with a service and installation site in Keller, Texas. This expertise will be a valued addition to the Terex portfolio as it expands in the concrete mixer space. 

This acquisition joins Terex Advance, a U.S. industry leader in front discharge mixer trucks and Terex Bid-Well with its roller paves that specializes in bridge and canal work. All fall within the Terex Material Processing concrete sub-segment. 

A Quick Look at ProAll's Volumetric Mixer Lineup

ModelProduction Capacity Production Rate
P507 yd365 yd3/hr    
P758.5 yd365 yd3/hr    
P8510 yd365 yd3/hr    
P9512 yd365 yd3/hr    
P95 Trailer12 yd365 yd3/hr    
L607 yd365 yd3/hr    
L808.5 yd365 yd3/hr    
G9512 yd335 yd3/hr    

The company includes the ProAll Commander control system featured on every model of their Reimer mixer trucks. 

According to the August 2022 announcement, the ProAll team will report to Jason Talbot, Terex Vice President and GM, MPS and Environmental, United States and Australia. “ProAll will provide us with exciting prospects to expand into new markets and grow our knowledge and market share in the mobile concrete pouring industry," says Talbot. "We look forward to embarking on this journey together with our new colleagues in Alberta and Texas.” 

Larry Koop, co-owner and former Managing Director of ProAll is excited for the future of the company and the potential for growth. “For the past 50 years, ProAll has been a leader in mobile concrete delivery. This is something we are hugely proud of and one of the reasons that we feel so happy to have the opportunity to become part of the Terex MP family," he says.

"The existing resources at Terex MP will bring huge benefits and global opportunities to our existing team and I am delighted to see their hard work pay off.”