The MudMixer is one of the fastest, easiest, multi-use mixers on the market. Featuring a fully-adjustable water input designed to be used with concrete, mortar, or stucco mix, it quickly provides reliable consistency wherever it’s needed.

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The MudMixer was built with durability in mind. Its heavy-duty, high-strength steel body surrounds a powerhouse of components supported by two large Marathon flat-free tires. All this comes together to create the only one-of-its-kind mud mixing machine.

The MudMixer utilizes a two-phase infusion system. The auger and water, when introduced to the desired dry-mix, all work in harmony to deliver a flow of mixture that doesn’t stop until the job’s done. It works to decrease labor cost and increase the number of jobs completed all to save time, money, and energy

  • Integrated bag opener for easy drop-and-fold opening of dry mix.
  • Fully-adjustable water dial allows for customized water flow for desired mixture.
  • Electric drivetrain with the power to chew through more than 40 bags per hour.
  • 35 in. stand-over height
  • Attached secondary hose for quick, easy, and convenient clean up.
  • 330° pivot system allows for precision and adjustability on any work site.
  • Patented auger moves along any mixture and delivers it where it’s needed.
  • 14 gauge high-strength steel construction
  • Durable auger and chute provides easy and fast delivery of mixture
  • An all-electric, water-sealed motor with both forward and reverse settings
  • Marathon Flat-Free tires
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