Concrete Pavers Products February 2008

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Power Pavers SF 2700 Paver

The SF 2700 slipform paver paves roads up to 32 ft. wide with integral curbs on one or both sides.

  • Paves depths from 0 to 16 in. on the go with no machine changes required or interruptions to the paving process
  • Able to hydraulically crown on the go with crown points for offset crown situations
  • Changes widths quickly and easily
  • 12-ft.-long tracks require no disassembly for transport
  • Readily accepts the smart vibration system
  • Dual controlled split auger system

Terex CMI SF3500B Series Pavers

The two-track SF3502B and four-track SF3504B slipform pavers feature 26-in. main frame tubing for improved structural rigidity at extended paving widths.

  • Telescoping capability up to 8 ft. from one side of the paver
  • HYDRAMATION grade control system delivers .125-in. precision for elevation and steering
  • Vibration manifold mounts directly to the paving kit
  • Equipped to accept ProVibe system
  • Dual-range propel system offers a variable hydrostatic paving speed range up to 35 fpm and a travel range up to 83 fpm

Gomaco GT-3400 Curb and Gutter Machine

The GT-3400 curb and gutter machine is equipped with a remote control incorporating all necessary functions, including vibrator adjustment and an emergency stop.

  • Slipforms various forms up to 6-ft. widths
  • 24-in.-diameter trimmer offers variable width from 30 to 78 in.
  • Direct-drive radial piston hydraulic motor and closed-loop hydraulic circuit provide 27,280 ft.-lbs. of torque at the trimmerhead
  • • Three-track footprint with All-Track Steering permits tight turning radius capabilities

Miller Spreader MC1050 Curb and Gutter Machine

The frame design of the MC1050 allows the conveyor to be placed on either side of the machine.

  • Places standalone curb up to 18 in. high and curb and gutter up to 30 in. wide
  • Places tack-down curb over pins and places sidewalks up to 48 in. wide and 4 in. high
  • Form can be located either straddle or offset to either side
  • 18-in. maximum form width in offset position
  • Weighs under 5,000 lbs. and can be transported on a twin-axle trailer

Allen APWB1800 Work Bridge

The APWB1800 Work Bridge offers a 36-in.-wide expanded motorized metal work platform designed for easy operator control.

  • Paving or bridge deck-style end brackets
  • 6-in.-diameter manual height adjusting posts
  • Four-wheel hydraulic drive
  • Gasoline or diesel power
  • Optional cure spray system, hydraulic-controlled, front-mounted texture drag, automatic forward/reverse steering and longitudinal or transverse tine system

Messinger Curb Fox 5000

The Curb Fox 5000 Slipformer can be equipped with a 6-ft.-long, 24-in.-wide, hydraulically powered belt conveyor that enables it to work at different grade levels in relation to the concrete truck.

  • Allows concrete mixer to work to the side of the prepared grade instead of on it
  • Delivers a steady supply of concrete mix within a wide slump range
  • Maintains legal transport width

MBW Slipform Paver

This paver can slipform any curb and gutter configuration up to 18 in. high by 48 in. wide.

  • Four-cycle, 26.5-hp diesel engine
  • Manual and automatic height controls
  • Quick-attach hopper system
  • All-hydraulic drive systems can be operated in two-wheel drive in curb-only mode or three-wheel drive in curb and gutter mode

Power Curber 5700-C

The 5700-C compact slipform paving machine handles concrete curb and gutter, barrier, sidewalk and special applications.

  • Standard swivel chute for pouring in a single traffic lane from the right or left side
  • 132-gal. onboard water capacity and 66-gal. fuel capacity
  • Available electronic control system combines the simplicity of an analog system with the features of a digital machine
  • Quiet, fuel-efficient, computerized Cummins engine featuring a reverse design that relocates the radiator to the center of the machine