Smooth Operator

Gomaco GSI's grade analysis tool saves time and material on jobsites.

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The Gomaco Smoothness Indicator (GSI) provides smoothness readings for both asphalt slabs and wet or cured concrete. Gomaco has now developed a new software application, GSITools, which uses data gathered with the GSI before paving takes place to provide the contractor with even more valuable information. The GSI can be used ahead of the paving operation to provide a grade accuracy analysis of the subgrade and/or stringline setup before the paving even takes place.

GSITools can provide an estimated material yield for the paving project, as well as pinpointing high and low spots in the subgrade. The information gathered by the GSI is imported into the GSITools software, which then creates reports and graphs detailing the information.

All of the information can be output as a Grade Analysis Report which shows the selected profiles, trace details, slab volume, project parameters, a grade cut/fill summary and personalized graphs chosen by the contractor. The report and graphs pinpoint locations on the grade that translate into thin cores or thick cores in the proposed slab. This allows adjustments to be made in the grade or stringline before paving. GSITools also gives an indication of the total concrete yield for the subgrade that was profiled.

The GSI non-contact surface smoothness instrument also provides multi-application usage. Its user-friendly system is simple to understand and operate. It's designed for anyone who needs to measure the smoothness of a surface and the data gathered can be used to reference all commercially known profilograph indexes.

Any irregularities in the slab are identified and their location is recorded through the use of a distance tracking encoder. Contractors can then repair the surface while it's still in the plastic state.

GSI incorporates both sonic and slope sensors mounted to the machine frame. The sensors read the smoothness data of the wheel tracks on up to eight traces or four lanes in one pass. The GSI takes the smoothness readings simultaneously from the sensors on each trace and uses the data taken at that instant in time to establish a measurement of the slab. GSI can be mounted directly to the back of the paving pan for instant readings of the paved surface or it can be mounted on a machine separate from the paver.

Roadtec Eagle Screeds
Roadtec's Eagle 8 and Eagle 10 screeds offer rear-mounted extensions, a labor-saving subframe and a high-performance screed heating system. In contrast to traditional front-mounted extensions, the Eagle screed extensions spread to the sides behind the main screed. Extensions feature heat and vibration. Paving width without bolt-on extensions is 15 feet 6 inches for the Eagle 8; 19 feet 6 inches for the Eagle 10. Bolt-on extensions give the option of paving up to 24 feet and 26 feet respectively.

Multiquip Moonlight
The new Moonlight glare-free lighting systems from Multiquip eliminate the fans required by other balloon lights to maintain air in the balloon. The balloon inflates in seconds and a simple plug maintains air pressure and protects the light. Ideal for freeway paving projects, unit can rise to a maximum height of 10 ft. Units are available in 150-, 400- and 1,000-watt outputs and illuminate areas up to 100 feet from the source.

Ingersoll Rand HT-540 Hot Tack Distributor
The Ingersoll Rand Co. HT-540 hot tack distributor is designed for safe and convenient use on small and large tack jobs. The distributor features an automatically controlled propane heating system, variable volume 50-gpm hydrostatic pumping sytem and recovery tank. Powered by a 16-hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, unit also offers a 540-gallon steel tank.

Sakai CR270 Roller
Sakai's new CR270 roller offers high freqency 4,000 vpm as standard. Unit achieves 10 impacts per foot at 4.55-mph ground speed. The 4,000-vpm vibration speed allows the operator a choice of cranking up the ground speed while maintaining the customary 10-12 impacts per foot spacing. Alternatively, the operator can choose a typical ground speed that can be maintained which will increase the number of impacts per foot and allow density to be achieved in fewer passes.

Pine SuperPave AFG2Gyratory Compactor
Pine's new AFG2 is its third generation gyratory compactor which incorporates the latest technology. With built-in angle measurement capabilities, it can operate using either an internal or external mold angle. Throughout the entire compaction process, the angle is displayed on the screen along with the consolidation pressure, gyration number and specimen height. The AFG2 was designed to account for frame compliance and dynamically compensates for varying mix stiffness. It internally stores results from 20 previous tests, including gyration number, specimen height, angle of gyration, consolidation pressure and sheer per gyration (optional). Results can be stored on a USB memory stick, sent directly to a PC through the unit's integral USB port or to a printer connected to the compactor's USB port.

Wirtgen KMA 200 Cold Mixing Plant
The new KMA 200 portable cold mixing plant from Wirtgen will mix 200 tph of cold mix asphalt, without visible emissions and without requiring any EPA operating permits. Virgin and/or reclaimed materials can be processed using emulsions, foamed asphalt, lime, cement, polymer additives, fly ash and other materials. The plant offers a 2 x 7.8-square-yard hopper capacity.

Terex/CMI RS350 Reclaimer/Stabilizer
The Terex/CMI RS350 reclaimer/stabilizer from Terex Roadbuilding uses a single drum for both reclamation and soil stabilization projects. Weighing 33,000 pounds and with compact dimensions of a 24-foot 9-inch length, 8-foot 1-inch width and 9-foot 10-inch height, the RS350 does not require permits for transport. Features include standard, four-wheel hydrostatic drive, rear-mounted rotor design and two cutter speeds, 100 and 150 rpm. Unit is powered by a 350-hp Cummins turbocharged diesel engine.

Stone WolfPac 6100 Asphalt Roller
This 47-inch-wide, double-drum drive, vibratory asphalt roller is suited for road applications, as well as confined area compaction. Vibration can be directed to both drums or the front or rear drum only via an electro-hydraulic circuit combined with a custom-designed manifold. Features include 6,518 pounds of impact force, a 33.5-hp Kubota diesel engine and centerpoint articulation. The pressurized water system features a 47.5-gallon reinforced polyethylene tank.

The Mule from Travis
The Mule horizontal discharge asphalt trailer from Travis Body & Trailer was specifically designed for hauling and unloading asphalt. Based on Travis' patented "Wave" body design — a dual-walled smooth-sided aluminum trailer — the Mule horizontally discharges the asphalt into the paving machine or transfer vehicle by using a Walking Floor system made by Keith Mfg. Co. The 28-foot-long, four-axle trailer, legal for 80,000 pounds gross in 37 states, weighs 10,998 pounds. This results in a typical payload of 27 tons.