GT-3600 Trimmer/Slipform Paver

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  • G21 digital operating system standard with optional G22 with dual language ability
  • Trimmerhead directly driven with a radial piston hydraulic motor in a closed loop hydraulic system
  • Lightweight, molded fiberglass engine shroud
  • Five different modes of controlling the three tracks
  • Reverse steer on-line within 1/8 in. tolerance

The GT-3600 high-production curb and gutter machine is available with the optional G22 operating system, which features a new graphical display, dual-language feature, advanced system diagnostics and a selective steering dial for five modes of controlling the three tracks. Smart hydraulic steering cylinders, interfaced with the G22, allow push-button steering setup. The unit can easily reverse steer on-line to within 1/8-in. tolerance for a quick start. A new trimmerhead is directly driven with a radial piston hydraulic motor in a closed-loop hydraulic system. Every circuit on the machine is electronic-over-hydraulic for easy, accurate adjustments and an instant, controlled response.

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