Winterized Mobile Concrete Plants Substantially Reduce CO2

The Finland-based company, Tecwill, looks to grow in North America offering technology with sustainability-boosting and money-saving benefits.

Winterized Mobile Concrete Plants Substantially Reduce CO2
Tecwill Ltd.

Tecwill is launching its modular relocatable concrete plant concept in the North American market to enable concrete producers to make better concrete with less materials and lower emissions. The technology has been specifically designed for harsh winter conditions.

To help the concrete producers reduce CO2 emissions to avoid carbon taxes, Tecwill is stepping up its revolutionary mobile concrete plant technology rollout in North America. The Finland-based company has been developing sustainable concrete plants for the past 26 years. Now, it will strengthen its sales and fabrication presence in USA and Canada.

One of the company’s latest developments is its ARCAMIX relocatable modular plant, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions and increases sustainability. The main elements of the plant are built of recycled sea containers. Unlike conventional plants that are complicated and expensive to transport, the upcycled ARCAMIX plant is easy to transport. Especially in cold weather, the plant requires considerably less time to install.

“The traditional approach is simply not good for the people working with the plants nor the quality of the concrete produced. Therefore, we asked ourselves how we could make a better mobile concrete plant,” says Janne Tuomikko, Tecwill’s VP Business Development and Sales.

Tecwill has long experience in concrete plant design and manufacturing. The company has delivered over 350 plants not only in the Nordics and other European countries, but also throughout the world.

“Our goal is to boost our introduction of these relocatable plants to the North American market, as our relocatable plants can offer huge benefits to concrete producers operating in harsh environments similar to those in Finland,” Tuomikko says.


The Tecwill ARCAMIX mobile concrete plant offers a list of sustainability-boosting and money-saving benefits:

  • Low cost of setup – the plant can be erected on a concrete slab or on steel skids
  • Fast set-up time, even in winter
  • Preassembled plant – pre-wired and tested at the factory
  • Precise concrete temperature – total control in cold and hot weather
  • More accurate “flying” weighing with better aggregate moisture control by Tecwill OptiMoist system: Saves cement by up to 10%, Reduces CO2 by up to 50 lb/yd3
  • Partial plant production in North America, reducing logistics costs

Fast Weighing & Accurate Material Control

Tecwill’s plants feature a unique “flying” material weigh system design, which allows dynamic performance when moving each batch to the mixer.

This special system enables faster throughput and higher capacity with more repeatable batch quality. The improved aggregate moisture control provides the correct slump and desired water-tocement ratio. Better dosing deviation control leads to huge savings in production costs. It also saves cement and reduces CO2 emissions of concrete production.

Winterized Mobile Concrete Plants Substantially Reduce CO2The use of this “flying” weigh system results in a more compact plant that uses less steel while providing more precise weighing accuracy and better concrete quality.Tecwill Ltd.

Strengthened Presences in North America

As Tecwill builds its footprint in North America, the company plans to strengthen its sales presence in Oakville, Ontario, Montreal and Vancouver, and in USA Washington by establishing a subsidiary in the country to provide faster spare parts and technical support to its customers. Currently, all plants delivered in the region are 40% locally manufactured.

Sustainable Success Cases

Some of the world’s leading concrete producers are already using Tecwill’s technology. Heidelberg Cement chose Tecwill’s relocatable ready-mix plants for better moisture management, temperature control and better weighing accuracy. Thomas Concrete Group selected the relocatable plants for an on-site city center location to provide more than 400,000 yd3 of shotcrete and ready-mix concrete for tunnels and three underground railway stations.

These manufacturers were looking for ways to realize greener production and reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, they were able to profit considerably from delivering on-spec quality, improving productivity and running more efficient plants.