PERI Introduces New Slab Formwork GRIDFLEX

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PERI has introduced a new slab formwork system to the US market. GRIDFLEX is a lightweight aluminum grid element system that saves time by eliminating the need to set up and position girders individually, by providing ready-made aluminum grid elements that are simply hooked into the prophead and erected from below.

  • Requires only four main components – prophead, one standard and two filler elements – making GRIDFLEX intuitive and straight forward.
  • After an area is enclosed, the grid just needs to be covered with any grade of plywood which is then nailed down to the aluminum struts.
  • The lightweight design, with a standard element only weighing around 40 lbs., allows a single person to easily handle the system.
  • GRIDFLEX is expected to be a major productivity upgrade in terms of time and labor savings for contractors who are still doing a lot of work with girder slab formwork or heavy panel slab formwork.