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Manassas, VA 20108
Phone:(866) 944.8210

ClearEdge3D has a track record of technological innovation and thought leadership in the Automated Feature Extraction, laser scanning and 3D modeling space. The company was founded in 2006 by recognized experts in the field of computer vision, hyperspectral data analysis, and LiDAR data analysis. The first version of EdgeWise Building™ focused on building and terrain modeling and was launched in 2009.  The technology rapidly gained customer traction and industry acclaim. In 2011 EdgeWise Plant™ was released for the process manufacturing and plant modeling industry, which was soon followed by EdgeWise MEP™.

In 2011 we received the first of three prestigious research grants from the National Science Foundation, the preeminent government research institute in the United States, to dramatically expand and enhance our automated modeling technology.

EdgeWise users report an average modeling time savings of 70%.  And because models created in EdgeWise export to Autodesk Revit as properly specified wall, floor, pipe, duct, conduit or window families, there is no more remodeling or tracing in Revit!

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