Office TeleREMOTE for SmartROC DTH Drill Rigs

Epiroc's Office TeleREMOTE enables the operator to access and run multiple rigs from a control center located inside an office.

Office Tele Remote

Epiroc's Office TeleREMOTE is designed to control SmartROC DTH drill rigs*, MK I (based on RCS 4 platform) from a remote location.

  • Option to select the stand-alone TeleREMOTE solution or to update any existing BenchREMOTE to a TeleREMOTE by connecting it to a Wireless Local Area Network
  • Operator uses the Hole Navigation System for accurate positioning
  • Geofence function ensures that the rig stays within the predefined area
  • remote rigs fitted with multiple cameras which provides the Office TeleREMOTE operator with a 360-degree view all around the machine
  • Consists of a suitable work desk with adjustable height and ergonomically designed operator controls mounted on it
  • Two controls and operator display are the same as in the drill rig cabin
  • Also includes a server rack with Epiroc Automation Common Machine Server (ACMS), a video system and a safety system capable of handling one remote drill rig, with an option to be extended up to nine drill rigs, in increments of one
  • SmartROC models currently compatible with Office TeleREMOTE work desk are: SmartROC D50 MKI, SmartROC D55 MKI, SmartROC D60 MKI and SmartROC D65 MKI