Terracon Stage 1 Site Selection Tool

Stage1 combines Terracon’s project data with environmental and geologic data sources from more than 700 public and private map sources for remote, site-specific research.

Terracon Stage 1 Site Selection Tool
Terracon Stage 1 Site Selection Tool.
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Terracon has further enhanced Stage1, its site-selection tool to now include environmental and geotechnical condition assessment.

Stage1 combines Terracon’s extensive project data, compiled over its 50-plus year history, with environmental and geologic data sources from more than 700 public and private map sources, and curates it with the local experience of professionals from more than 150 offices to provide remote, site-specific site research without the cost, time and risk associated with intrusive exploration and investigation.

“Stage1 is Terracon’s way of maximizing the value of data in site selection and design,” says Mike Covert, P.G., national director of environmental services. “Adding environmental considerations to Stage1 allows our clients to quickly gain more knowledge of a potential project site, earlier in their evaluation, ahead of traditional due diligence.”

With the addition of environmental considerations Stage1 streamlines site selection into three key areas: geotechnical, subsurface environmental, and natural resources which includes cultural resources and historic places, wetlands and waters of the U.S, and protected species.

Stage1’s collaborative, fully online experience allows users to begin researching sites at no cost. Within five days of placement of an order, depending on project size, clients gain a deeper understanding of potentially significant issues which may impact development, a site rating of constructability, and recommendations for the next steps included within a Smart Work Plan.

"We’re driven to enhance excellent consulting with technology to improve upon the way we do business. At Terracon that means integrating our experience with vast data resources to improve our client’s experience,” says Vic Donald, P.E., national director of geotechnical services. "Looking creatively at the challenges our clients associate with site selection, we’ve developed a fast, low-cost solution for understanding both geotechnical and environmental factors, and it’s helping them make better, more informed decisions before traditional exploration begins.”

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