XACT Polished Concrete Floor System

Unveiled at World of Concrete, XACT Polished Concrete Floor System is a comprehensive polished concrete floor system that helps contractors know their exact costs with exact results

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Concrete Polishing Solutions debuts its XACT Polished Concrete Floor System at the 2017 World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas, January 17-20 at the CPS South Hall Booth (#S12148). 

The XACT Polished Concrete Floor System is the first system designed to help contractors control and calculate their material and labor costs, ensuring profitable bids and exact results every time.

How does XACT help contractors earn more

  • A Detailed Specification:  The XACT System specifies advanced tooling and concrete chemicals that are the fastest on the market, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness while providing the high quality results customers are after.
  • Download the XACT Polished Concrete Bid Calculator: The XACT Polished Concrete Bid Calculator gives contractors an accurate way to assess the exact tooling and labor costs necessary, helping control costs, so contractors can bid profitably and successfully on every job, every time.  To pre-register to download the app when it is ready, visit http://www.go2cps.com.
  • The XACT Warranty:  The XACT Polished Concrete Floor System is backed by a warranty to guarantee that a surface will remain hardened, dust-proof, and water repellant so owners and architects alike can trust they will.

The XACT Polished Concrete Floor System, including the Bid Calculator will debut at World of Concrete. 

Stop by the CPS Booth in the South Hall (#S12148) to see the calculator in action and attend one of three mini-educational sessions at the booth about bidding profitably and controlling costs from CPS CEO David Padgett. 


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