SKILSAW Super Sawsquatch Worm Drive Saw

This 16-5/16-inch saw boasts a 6-1/4-inch cutting capacity to power through 6x in one easy cut.

Spt7 Ov 11 Hero Saw Stand 1000x1000

SKILSAW brings its biggest saw yet, the 16-5/16-Inch Magnesium Super Sawsquatch Worm Drive Saw, to life. Featuring the company’s legendary worm drive gearing, 15 Amp Dual-Field  motor and specially engineered 16-5/16-inch 32-tooth SKILSAW blade, the Super Sawsquatch delivers unmatched power and performance thanks to this incomparable engineering trifecta.  

With its all-magnesium construction, blade-left visibility and die-cast magnesium foot plate, Super Sawsquatch is more durable, lighter weight, and offers greater accuracy than any beam saw currently on the market. 

Featuring a 6-1/4-inch cutting capacity, Super Sawsquatch can power through most engineered lumber, 6X and beams in one pass. An electric brake increases jobsite productivity and an auxiliary handle is included for added support. The saw also comes with a stand for portability and storage.

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