AssetView Mini Tracking System

Self-contained GPS tracking system can last up to three years on AAA batteries

Dpl Assetview Mini

DPL Telematics' AssetView Mini Tracking System for wireless monitoring and remote tracking of both powered and unpowered assets is a tiny, portable GPS unit completely self-contained that runs off AAA batteries. With the AssetView Mini, owners can remotely monitor assets from an Internet-based software package and mobile app.

  • Adaptive Tracking technology increases reporting frequency when movement is detected and automatically reduces it when stationary
  • No external wiring or antenna
  • Measures 3.3 in. by 2.5 in. 0.94 in.
  • Powered by three AAA 1.5V batteries, customer replaceable
  • Self-powered for up to 3 years on daily updates, up to 6 months on more detailed tracking
  • Activate recovery mode or set movement alerts over the air from the software or mobile app
  • IP 67 rated and UV stabilized design
  • Dual GPS and GLONASS positioning
  • Global cellular coverage

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