The 5 Ways Top Contractors Cut Costs and Grow Profits with Data-Driven Fleet Management Solutions

Think your fleet is too old to track with data? Think again. Learn about how real-time fleet management solutions can can reduce costs and decrease downtime.

October 5, 2021
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Construction fleet owners waste 20% of their annual equipment cost in low utilization, unplanned downtime, idling assets, and unnecessary rental and asset hoarding. On average, this translates to 6% of revenues and more than their entire net profit margin. Companies are aware of this waste but often find it impossible to reduce.

Implementing an integrated fleet management solution that works across all jobs/functions, asset types, and OEMs can reduce cost and increase profits. Through this webinar, you will hear from experts on the change and innovation available within the construction industry from Clue Insights.

Showcasing their all-in-one construction management platform enabling you to maximize productivity and minimize downtime of your entire fleet through:

  • Real-time tracking 100% of your assets: any make, model, or year.
  • Minute-by-minute productivity tracking with AI-based alerts.
  • Fully integrated maintenance process with one-click work orders.


Oded Ran, co-founder and CEO, Clue Insights

Michael Ryu, co-founder, Clue Insights

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