Attachments for your Equipment Rental Business August 2009

Attachments for your Equipment Rental Business

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471 Dig-R-Tach


The 471 Dig-R-Tach is designed for compact utility loaders, compact TLBs and mini-excavators.

  • Hydraulically powered earth drilling attachment system
  • One-person mounting
  • Augers available from 2 to 24 in. in diameter
  • Industry standard 2-in. hexagon auger drive connection


General Equipment

AB Angle Broom


The AB angle broom features hydraulic angle adjustment that allows "on the go" angle changes for efficient cleaning and windrowing of material.

  • Float action allows for smoother operation and a decrease in broom wear over uneven surfaces
  • Tube-style brush delivers quick and simple brush replacement and longer service life
  • Tilt function allows +/- 4° of tilt to better follow the ground surface



Clamp-on bucket forks


Clamp-on bucket forks come in five weight capacity categories from 1,000 to 6,000 lbs. and fit various machine and bucket sizes.

  • Easy to install and remove with no bucket alterations required
  • Main upright capped to keep out rain water
  • Extra-wide handle for easy carrying
  • Durable powder coating for longer life


Manufacturer's Diversified Services (MDS)

Cyclone Drop Hammer


The Stanley Works Hydraulic Tools Product Group announces the acquisition of Universal Technologies' line of Cyclone Drop Hammers.

  • Attachment can be used in a multitude of flatwork demolition projects
  • Three model sizes (DH1500, DH3500 and DH9000) available
  • Designed to fit walk-behind tool carriers, skid steers, mini loaders and compact excavators


Stanley Hydraulic Tools

General Purpose Dirt Buckets


Can be used for digging, carrying and loading dirt and other materials
Connect quickly and easily to loader's quick-attach interface
Constructed to handle multiple applications,
Reinforced at all cutting edges
Front cutting edge features a reversible bolt-on hardened steel edge, and can also accommodate a bolt-on tooth bar


Terex ASV

Rock and Tree Handler


The Rock and Tree Handler landscaping attachment can be used to handle trees, boulders or decorative rocks.
Hydraulic rotator

  • Powerful, precise hydraulic clamp
  • Operates on one set of hydraulics
  • Lined with heavy-duty rubber bumper to prevent scratches
  • Interchange steel or rubber tips
  • Custom made for easy mounting on any carrier


Ez Spot Ur Inc.

Skid Steer Forks


CTI skid-steer forks feature heavy-duty tines for durability.

  • Frames and tines factory tested to ensure a 3-to-1 safety factor
  • Heavy-duty tines latch on rail forks and set screws on rod forks
  • Reinforced bottom rails and forged bottom hooks on both styles
  • Rail- and rod-style frames available


Construction Technology Inc.

Skid-Pac Model 1000


The Skid-Pac Model 1000 utilizes the Ho-Pac vibratory compactor technology and mounts it onto a skid steer.

  • Larger eccentric with mass further from shaft centerline to increase impulse and compaction force
  • 9-ft. square baseplate compacts soil in flatwork while the loader moves in forward or reverse
  • Four-function valve
  • Fits skid steers in the 4,000- to 14,000-lb. weight range using universal quick-change couplers


Allied Construction Products, LLC

Tree Spade


  • Available in 3-, 40-, 42-, 44-, and 48-in. ball sizes
  • Maintains excellent visibility
  • Quickly removes old stumps, transports and places new trees and shrubbery with minimal labor
  • Places large stones easily
  • Conctructed of 3/8-in. plate with sharp tapered edge


FFC Attachments, Inc.



For a variety of jobs ranging from light to high production trenching
Desgined and built specifically for Bobcat loaders and excavators
Features digging depths from 24 to 50 in.
Hydraulic side shift capability can trench close to buildings, fences or other objects
Seven models are available for Bobcat mini track loaders, skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, all-wheel steer loaders, utility work machines, telescopic tool carriers and compact excavators


Bobcat Co. - Doosan Infracore



Trencher attachments include a 50,000-lb. digging chain available in depths from 24 to 60 in. and widths from 6 to 12 in.

  • Removable, double-flighted spoil auger
  • Optional hydrauic side shift
  • Self-aligning boom
  • Sealed tapered roller bearings
  • Options include various digging chains for trenching in loose soil to hard, rocky conditions


CEAttachments Inc.