Tracks, Couplers & More February 2010

Check through this choice of quick couplers, tracks and other accessories designed to add versatility to your construction equipment.

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The Dura-Trax polyurethane track pads and grouser shoes fit most OEM asphalt and concrete paving and milling equipment.

  • Enable equipment to travel over existing pavement without damaging it
  • Molded using premium, liquid-cast, thermoset polyurethane
  • Engineered for ease of installation
  • Designed to deliver greater traction and maneuverability and longer service life


C.U.E. Inc.



The Extendavator is available in lengths from 4 to 50 ft. in six weight classes.

  • Possible to achieve over 100 ft. of ground reach on a 250,000-lb. machine
  • Allows use of buckets, hammers, grapples and universal processors without additional counterweight
  • Two-hour installation with no additional hydraulic valves required
  • Transportable with excavator
  • Custom-designed sticks available


Paul Wever Construction Equipment Co., Inc.

F Series Over-the-tire Bar Track


The F Series Over-the-tire Bar Track uses heavy-duty, contractor-grade components such as 1 1/4-in. hardened, field-replaceable bushings and 80,000 psi links to ensure durability.

  • Open side plates promote cleanout in the pivot area
  • Open cross bar design provides cleaning and exposes the tire to provide maximum traction, flotation and cleaning
  • 2-in. wide bars
  • Improved sidewall design for heavy-duty tires
  • Available for 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 15.5 size skid steer tires


Grouser Products

Indy Cab


Indy Cab is a new style of cab that features front A-posts made of rigid sheet metal components and an upper curved section to accept curved, tip-out windshields. The sides, roof and rear cab sections are all bolted together. The hard sides have sliding windows. The cab can be configured with a choice of standard steel roof or extended steel roof for use on backhoe equipped models.

The Indy Cab features front A-posts made of rigid sheet metal components and an upper curved section to accept curved, tip-out windshields.

  • Sides, roof and rear cab sections are all bolted together
  • Hard sides have sliding windows
  • Cab can be configured with astandard steel roof or extended steel roof for use on backhoe equipped models


Sims Cab Depot

LiteFoot ATV Track Conversions


LiteFoot ATV track conversions provide mobility advantages of traction and flotation.

  • Fits on most any four-wheel-drive ATV or side-by-side utility
  • Easy installation
  • Allows flexibility to switch between tires and tracks as needed
  • Designed for rugged use in extreme environments



MOAR Heavy-duty Rippers


The MOAR (Mother Of All Rippers) is designed for use on excavators in the 15- to 100-ton range for heavy-duty ripping applications.

  • Effective in rock, shale, sandstone, coral, asphalt and frozen ground
  • Extra steel plates provide added weight to increase the carrier's downward force
  • Provides greater penetration and performance
  • Quick coupler and pin-grabber models available


Nye Manufacturing Ltd.

NOX Tilt-Rotator


Because it has no tilt cylinders, the NOX tilt rotator system is suitable for standard excavation work, as well as use in narrow working areas.

  • Less height and higher breakout force achieved due to the use of an elliptic rotary actuator for the tilting action
  • ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) increases main body strength
  • Integral braking system and interior gear/worm gear run in a constant oil bath
  • Models offered in four sizes for excavators from 3 to 32 tonnes



Kinshofer North America

Poly Bolt-On TUFPADS HIGHTOP Track Pads


The Poly Bolt-On TUFPADS HIGHTOP track pads are now available in 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-inch versions for different brands and models of asphalt milling machines.

  • Designed to last 25% to 50% longer than the standard poly bolt-on track pads
  • Bolt onto a steel triple grouser shoe for easy installation and removal and reduced replacement part and labor costs
  • Available as a TUFPADS BLUES track pad with extreme blue polyurethane, which lasts 15% to 30% longer than the original black polyurethane


BLS Enterprises, Inc.

QUIKXCHANGE Hydraulic Quick Connect System


The QUIKXCHANGE quick-connect hydraulic coupling system mounts easily and enables one person to change excavator work tool hydraulic lines in five minutes or less with minimal effort.

  • Designed to withstand the demands of medium and large excavator work tools such as breakers, shears and crushers
  • Able to cleanly connect and disconnect under pressure
  • Available in 1- and 1 1/4-in. sizes and working pressures to 6,000 psi


Snap-Tite - Quick Disconnect & Valve Division

Rubber Track


Rubber tracks are available for all makes and models of compact equipment.

  • High-performance design delivers maximum durability
  • Aggressive tread pattern
  • Smooth ride and comfort
  • Non-metal core and jointless tracks available


DRB America

VTS Versatile Track System


The VTS Versatile Track System is a complete rubber track undercarriage that bolts directly to a skid steer's standard hubs in under an hour.

  • Provides bi-directional suspension that adjusts independently from one side of the machine to the other
  • Suspension automatically applies the track undercarriages back to the ground to maximize track footprint, evenly distribute horsepower and improve machine stability on uneven terrain
  • Provides stability for digging and backing out of trenches as well as hauling and dumping heavy loads


Loegering Mfg. Co.