PT13 & PT15 Pull-Type Pneumatic Tire Rollers

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Towable pneumatic tire rollers from WRT Equipment feature low center of gravity ballast compartments that provide stability and uniform weight distribution for compaction of soil, gravel or asphalt.

  • Channel formed top edge on all four sides of body
  • Gusseted corners provide ultimate ballast strength
  • Rear tow hitch for multiple unit towing
  • Drain plug in ballast body
  • Removable hinge-type front tow hitch
  • Heavy duty bolster assembly with axle support members
  • Replaceable maintenance free kingpin bushing
  • Heavy duty 6-bolt cast steel hubs
  • Triple lip seal keeps grease in hub and dirt out
  • Wheel pairs oscillate on centre pivot
  • Heavy gauge steel wheels
  • Smooth, wide-tread compact tires
  • Tow multiple units with one tractor for maximum compaction that saves time and money
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