CASE Launches DV45 Combination Vibratory Roller

New DV45CC Combination Vibratory Roller (front drum with rear pneumatic tires) delivers smooth surface finish for small- to mid-size applications

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The DV45CC combination vibratory roller compacts with the front drum and delivers a smooth finish with the rear pneumatic tires.

  • An offset drum with tapered edge and high curb clearance offers precision compaction capabilities in tight spaces
  • Adjustable scrapers, an automatic vibration control system and a pressurized water system ensure a smooth, clean finish in a variety of asphalt applications
  • Operating weight of 10,296-lbs. and drum width of 54-in. the DV45CC is ideal for walkways, residential driveways, bike paths, tennis courts and small parking lots
  • Tapered offset drum in combination with rear pneumatic tires and high curb clearance, delivering a smooth asphalt finish right up to high curbs or other tight areas
  • Designed to provide a tighter turn radius, which improves compaction times and the offset tapered drum reduces asphalt tearing while compacting around curves
  • 40.8 HP Tier 4i engine delivers high centrifugal forces and frequencies at lower RPMs, making the machine more fuel efficient, while standard dual amplitudes (0.01/0.21 inches) and dual frequencies (2,700/3,420 VPM) further improve productivity
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