EC Range Breakers

Atlas Copco has expanded its Essential Case-Mounted (EC) range of hydraulic breaker attachments by adding five Small Range breakers to the lineup that are small enough to fit in limited-access work environments, such as pipe trenches.

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Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco designed its Essential Case-Mounted range of breaker attachments for rental and equipment fleets with easy handling and maintenance. They feature Atlas Copco’s box-style mounting systems, which eliminate the need for removing external fasteners to access components, such as wear bushings and seals. This allows technicians to complete maintenance quickly, contributing to high utilization rates for rental centers.

  • Fit a wide range of carrier weight classes, from 1- to 49-tons
  • Streamlined bodies enable operators to easily maneuver them into narrow worksites, including trenches
  • VibroSilenced Plus system minimizes noise and vibration
  • Service weights as low as 209 lbs.
  • Impact rates as high as 1,600 bpm
  • Nitrogen gas assist ensures smooth operation
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