Fecon Deck Mulcher Attachments

Suited for right-of-way clearing and maintenance projects, forestry clearing, site preparation, land improvement, highway mulching and maintenance, urban interface and more

Fecon Deck Mulcher Attachment 74 Inch
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This family of deck mulcher attachments comes in three sizes with cutting widths of 62, 74 and 86 in., weights from 1,950 to 2,450 lbs. and hydraulic flow requirements from 17 to 41 gpm.

  • Two-sided blades effectively double their service life without having to flip the blade
  • Robust bearing carrier houses a heavy-duty bearing with an oversized shaft
  • Forged blade bolts feature larger hex interface and blade rotating surface for stronger mating with components and longer service life
  • Brush grabber inlets help to pull debris from fence rows or piles
  • Open-front design enables bidirectional discharge
  • Stump-jumper feature allows unit to ride over stumps without risking bolt shearing
  • Armor-coated rear deck area to withstand potential impact
  • Integrated tiedowns and lift points simplify transportation and maintenance

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