Diamond Mowers Launches New Mulching Heads

In conjunction with the introduction of these new attachments, Diamond Mowers has extended its warranty to two years across all of its drum products.

Diamond Mowers
Diamond Mowers

Diamond Mowers, a manufacturer of industrial mowing, mulching and brush cutting equipment for municipal, skid-steer and excavator markets, has introduced a pair of new mulching heads for use with midi excavators and tractors. The excavator drum mulcher DC Pro X and boom drum mulcher are the next products to be rolled out in Diamond Mowers’ portfolio of mulching attachments for vegetation management professionals.

“These additions bring new and improved performance features to the forefront of vegetation management,” said Dan Stachel, executive vice president of Diamond Mowers. “Engineered for heavy-duty mulching applications, these game-changing products promise to optimize productivity, diversify work opportunities and create new revenue streams.”

In conjunction with the introduction of these new attachments, Diamond Mowers has extended its warranty to two years across all of its drum products. Additionally, customers have access to Diamond’s customer service resources, including an experienced team of customer care experts, a dedicated parts team and a 72-hour parts shipping guarantee on most common components.

“We have so much confidence in our drum offerings that we wanted to share that confidence to our customers as well,” explained Stachel.

“This extended warranty not only applies to our newest attachments but to our entire drum portfolio, including those currently in the field furthering our commitment to being the best partner in this industry."

Excavator Drum Mulcher DC Pro X

The new excavator drum mulcher can be used with midi-excavators while delivering more productivity per pass. Designed for tackling mulching or brush clearing, this solution cuts back and processes unwanted vegetation, making the product applicable for land clearing, vegetation management, utility and roadside maintenance.

Offered in two widths (30 inches and 50 inches) to accommodate excavator carriers from 4.5 to 10 metric tons, the excavator drum mulcher comes equipped with a Rexroth 63cc adjustable displacement hydraulic motor that provides heavy-duty torque to power through material up to 8 inches in diameter. The motor is protected by a rugged chassis designed to help withstand loads up to 10 metric tons. Severe-duty bearings, rated to 77,000 lbs., and a labyrinth design with triple steel ring seals ensure durability, while an abrasion-resistant AR 400 liner minimizes wear from debris. Oversized, serrated skid shoes hang off the sides of the attachment head to control, position and manipulate downed material for material processing.

Differentiating the excavator drum mulcher in the marketplace is its optimized infeed system. The forward drum exposure allows for tree engagement and feeds materials from left to right as it sweeps the ground. Material is processed in the chamber, producing a manageable chip size without the need for reprocessing. Additionally, a bolt-on door on the attachment’s backside holds chips and controls thrown debris for working near roads and in densely populated areas. The door can be removed for production, depending on the application.

“Featuring a larger hydraulic motor, better motor protection, and an optimized cut width relative to weight, this new attachment offers a significant advantage in the marketplace,” noted Stachel.

Boom Drum Mulcher

Diamond Mowers’ new boom drum mulcher is designed for any municipal fleet faced with cutting, processing and eliminating woody materials from areas that are unreachable with a skid-steer or excavator. This new boom head offers the same performance as the excavator drum mulcher, including a hydraulic motor, optimized infeed system and removeable bolt-on door for controlling and containing debris.

“Historically, a rotary head has been the go-to for maintaining fence lines, bridges, and overpasses, but the open design of those attachments typically leaves branches strewn on the ground, creating a two-step process requiring two different tool heads,” said Stachel.

“Our new boom drum mulcher can reach, cut, process, and eliminate material with one attachment, one pass, and one operator.”

Adding to its appeal, the boom drum mulcher features Diamond Mowers’ Q-Connect system, which allows users to interchange boom heads for tackling different applications. Featuring a combination of specially designed bolts and clips compatible across all Diamond Mowers’ boom attachments, this connection system enables a single operator to switch attachment heads to minimize downtime and asset utilization.

“Swapping out attachment heads typically requires a minimum of two people and at least one hour to complete,” explained Stachel. “With our Q-Connect system, a single operator can go from mowing to mulching in as little as ten minutes.”

Both the excavator drum mulcher and the boom drum mulcher are engineered for more than 2,000 hours of annual use. The units come standard with twin chisel planer teeth but are compatible with any of Diamond’s three tooth options for different applications and can be interchanged while maintaining drum balance.

Future Developments

Diamond Mowers will continue to roll out new drum mulching attachments throughout the year. In addition to the new excavator and boom drum heads, as well as the recently introduced drum mulcher OD Pro X, customers can anticipate upgrades to the company’s depth control drum, along with a low-flow skid drum.

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