Cat Heavy-Duty Cold Planers

Models PC408B and PC412B cut 30 and 47 in. wide, respectively

Cold Planer C732635 10780451
Caterpill 10210679

The high-performance cold planers, models PC408B and PC412B, are designed specifically for use with Cat 272D XHP Skid-Steer Loaders and 299D XHP Compact Track Loaders.

  • Maximum cutting widths of 30 in. and 47 in.
  • Engineered to grind asphalt and concrete surfaces to specific grades or to remove pavement imperfections and traffic markings
  • High-efficiency drum-drive systems powered by variable-speed, radial-piston hydraulic motors mounted directly to the drum for optimal cutting-bit speed and maximum drum torque
  • Float/tilt switch for following the grade profile or for milling to a specific bevel
  • Pressure gauge indicating the planer's operating efficiency
  • Wear-resistant skid plates for stability
  • Self-leveling capability for consistent depth control
  • Hydraulic side shift
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