Fecon Stumpex Stumper

Handles any species of stump from 10 to 28 in. in diameter and up to 20 in. deep in a single pass

Fecon Stumpex Attachment
Fecon 10838898

The Stumpex stump grinder can work on skid steers and loader-backhoes with as little as 20-gpm hydraulic flow and 2,500-psi hydraulic pressure.

  • Operates at 7 to 17 rpm to safely grind stumps with minimal discharge, leaving a small cleanup area
  • Can cut any species of stump 10 to 28 in. in diameter and can cut up to 20 in. deep in a single pass
  • Larger diameter stumps processed by making additional passes
  • Designed for low maintenance costs  
  • Stumpex EXC version provides the same safe, low-speed stump grinding on excavators of 16 tons and larger

[Video] Fecon Stumpex Stump Grinder Attachment

[Video] Fecon Stumpex Attachment in Action

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