RoadHog G5HD Heavy-Duty Cold Planer

Road Hog 1

RoadHog's Generation 5 HD (Heavy Duty) hydraulic cold planer for skid steers offers improvements compared to the G5 model. 

    • Feature a Fairfield 7HBX planetary coupled to a Sauer M44 piston motor
    • Provide up to an 8-in. cutting depth for optimal base repair and stabilization work
    • Feature a 3/4-in. chassis and housing plate, 1.5-in. walled cutting drum, 5-in. tooth clearance for reduced drag and a durable front steel debris guard
    • 20% higher overall weight on average than standard models reduces vibration for improved productivity and component life
    • Available in cutting widths of 18, 24, 30, 40 and 48 in.
    • Increased drum wall thickness for longer drum life and additional weight over the center of the cut
    • Greater clearance from drum surface to tooth tip reduces drag in cuts below 2.5 in.
    • Front guard material ensures higher durability and less material escaping the drum housing
    • Increased depth ski plate thickness ensures higher ski stability and longer life

    Road Hog

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