New Cranes Carry their Weight

From large to small, the latest cranes have a lot to offer.

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With the high demand for cranes today, manufacturers are coming out with a number of new models designed to accommodate even the heaviest loads. Yet, confined jobsites may dictate a unique alternative to get in and around obstacles that are in your path.

Here's a look at some of the latest crane technology available to address both the big jobs and the lighter lifts in the tightest spots. For more information on any of these products, turn to the reader service card following page 20.

Crawler crane hits the 600-ton mark
Kobelco Cranes North America debuts the SL6000, a 600-ton crawler crane available in three model configurations.

The standard version comes with a 276-ft. maximum standard main boom, 354-ft. long boom and luffer option consisting of a 197-ft. main boom plus 236-ft. luffing jib. The heavy lift version includes an additional mast, and has a 276-ft. maximum standard main boom, 354-ft. long boom and luffer option of a 217-ft. main boom plus 236-ft. luffing jib. The super heavy lift configuration includes an HL mast and an additional 551,400 lbs. of palette counterweight. It comes with a 276-ft. maximum standard boom, 413-ft. long boom and luffer option with a 276-ft. main boom plus 276-ft. luffing jib.

The SL6000 includes a 429-hp Hino E13C-UV Tier III-compliant diesel engine, six variable-displacement hydraulic pumps and a comfortable modern cab with all-around visibility. The unit can be broken down into easily transportable sub-assemblies for transport.

All-terrain model tops the charts
Manitowoc offers the Grove GMK5115 five-axle all-terrain crane featuring a maximum capacity of 115 tons.

A 197-ft. seven-section main boom features the patented MEGAFORM boom and TWIN-LOCK pinning system. Tip heights of up to 272 ft. are available with the hydraulic luffing bi-fold swingaway that includes an 11-ft. heavy-duty jib.

The unit can be operated as a "Taxi" crane for mobility or as a "Maxi" crane for larger lifts. In Taxi mode, it can travel in various configurations, depending on local roading requirements. It can be reduced to a gross vehicle weight of less than 106,000 lbs., which corresponds to less than 22,000 lbs. per axle.

Other features include the MEGATRAK suspension, ECOS electronic control and all-wheel steer. Five outrigger settings provide optimum flexibility.

Knuckling into the big crane market
Palfinger North America extends its truck-mounted crane line with the PK 85002, PK 100002 and PK 150002 knuckle boom cranes.

The PK 85002 has a 55,110-lb. maximum lifting capacity with a maximum hydraulic outreach of 73 ft. 10 in., or 113 ft. 6 in. with fly-jib. The PK 100002 lifts up to 66,140 lbs. and has a 72-ft. 2-in. hydraulic outreach, 88-ft. 11-in. manual outreach or 112-ft. 6-in. reach with fly-jib. The 88,180-lb.-capacity PK 150002 has up to 70 ft. 6 in. of hydraulic outreach, 88 ft. 3 in. of manual outreach and a reach of 118 ft. 1 in. with fly-jib.

A full torsion box sub-frame and hydraulic crane and auxiliary outriggers and stabilizers matched to the chassis ensure optimum stability. Safety features include the Paltronic 50 electronic overload protection system and Active Oscillation Suppression, which compensates for peak stress cycles during load handling. The PK 100002 and PK 150002 include the Integrated Stability Control system (optional on the PK 85002), which adjusts lifting capacity according to outrigger and stabilizer positions.

Other features include the HPLS (High Power Lifting System), Power Link Plus and Dual Power System.

Small cranes get on track
The MAEDA USA line of crawler cranes offers a unique alternative for lifting light loads in tight spaces.

Three track-mounted mini crawler cranes incorporate automatic five-section telescopic booms with 360° swing. The MC285C has a 6,210-lb. maximum capacity with a roughly 28.5-ft. maximum lifting height; the MC305C-2 has a 6,560-lb. maximum capacity with a 41-ft. lift height; and the MC405C provides an 8,480-lb. maximum capacity and a 55.1-ft. lift height. Safety features include a programmable capacity moment limiter, tilt sensor alarm and anti two block.

Power is supplied by an EPA-compliant Yanmar diesel engine or optional dual-power electric motor. The units also feature hydrostatic transmissions and two-speed travel.

Also available is the LC785 telescoping crawler crane, which is built around a compact excavator chassis with a fully automatic five-section telescoping boom. The unit has a 10,800-lb. maximum capacity and a 53.6-in. maximum lifting height. It includes many of the same features of the mini crawler models, with the benefit of a fully enclosed air conditioned cab. Power is supplied by a 54.3-hp Komatsu EPA-compliant diesel engine.