ALL Family of Companies Adds 16 Link-Belt Cranes to Fleet

The package includes four of the brand new TCC-800 80-U.S.-ton teleboom crawlers, the sixth teleboom crawler model Link-Belt has introduced.

Tcc 800 Ce 2020
Link Belt Construction Equipme 10947782

The ALL Family of Companies has added 16 new Link-Belt cranes to their fleet, slated for delivery in the coming months.

The package includes four 60-U.S.-ton HTC-8660 truck cranes, four 50-U.S.-ton TCC-500 teleboom crawlers, four 80-U.S.-ton TCC-800 teleboom crawlers, one 140-U.S.-ton TCC-1400 teleboom crawler, one 100-U.S.-ton 100 RT rough-terrain crane, and two 200-U.S.-ton 248-HSL lattice-boom crawlers.

“Link-Belt truck cranes are staples of our daily taxi fleet, and the addition of the rough terrain and crawler cranes will help in supporting our bare rental fleet,” said Joe Ruddell, retail sales manager of Dawes Rigging & Crane Rental, a member of the ALL Family of Companies. “The variety Link-Belt offers helps us to serve a wide range of customer needs.”

The TCC-800 teleboom crawlers are the sixth teleboom crawler model Link-Belt has introduced. “To us, it’s an ideal upgrade from the TCC-750 that we’ve loved and relied on for years,” said Ruddell. The TCC-800 offers similar features to the TCC-750, but with five more tons of capacity and five more feet of full-power telescopic boom, for a total of 120 ft.

The TCC-800 is the first Link-Belt teleboom crawler crane to feature the variable and monitored track position system (V-CALC), which lets an operator run the crane with the crawlers in asymmetric configurations.

“Link-Belt’s 50- and 80-ton TCC units can be transported in single loads. That makes them an economical choice for customers,” said Ruddell. “Both the TCC-500 and TCC-800 will see a lot of use on power line jobs, small steel, and precast plank projects.”

Ruddell noted fully retractable booms and variable track widths let the teleboom crawler cranes work in tight spaces where conventional crawlers can’t go. “That will make them a very popular choice for all types of projects,” he said.

Also brand new is the RT 100, a two-axle rough-terrain crane that replaces a three-axle version. It is expected to be popular for a variety of work, including bare rental, mid-sized steel and iron work, precast projects, and setting rebar for foundations.

Delivery of the 16 new cranes has already begun and will continue throughout 2020. The final units will be delivered in 2021.