Link Belt TCC-1400 Crane Aids in 16-Story Project

Derr and Isbell Construction LLC. receives contract for a 16-story project in a historic downtown Dallas neighborhood for its positive reputation in structural steel and precast projects — utilizing a Link Belt crane, a TCC-1400, to complete the project.

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The TCC-1400 Link Belt Telescopic crawler crane came in handy while trying to maneuver city streets in downtown Dallas while obeying strict government restrictions. The 140-ton crane was able to place the final panels of the project in a 23-foot alleyway with ease due to its 16.5-foot turning radius.

Derr and Isbell Construction LLC. of Euless, Texas, known for lifting structural steel and precast, was contracted to work on The Stack, a 16-story project in Deep Ellum, placing more than 250 precast panels on the new building. Most of the panels were 20 feet high and 15 feet wide, and placed up to 100 feet above ground level.

“Rotating the large panels from the street went very smoothly,” said TCC-1400 Operator, David Walker.

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  • The mixed-use development was a total of 474,000 square feet.
  • The Link-Belt crane was rented from HOLT Equipment of Irving, Texas.
  • The tallest and heaviest precast concrete section weighed as much as 38,600 pounds.
  • The TCC-1400 used its 10-foot fly for two winch line picks to rotate the panels for placement.
  • Two series of rolling blocks rigged with sufficient chokers lifted the panels off the trucks.
  • Another two series of rolling blocks with four-pick points attached to the top side rotated the panels upright.

All Information provided by Link Belt Cranes and edited by Chantal Zimmermann.

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