Tadano GR-1000XL-2 Rough Terrain Crane

100-ton crane's load moment indicator monitors the position of all four outriggers and automatically sets 'Rated Lifting Capacity' table based on even asymmetrical footprints

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Tadano's 100-ton-capacity GR-1000XL-2 rough terrain crane comes with the asymmetrical outriggers exclusive to Tadano’s Tadano GR series rough terrain cranes. Tadano’s load moment indicator (AML-C) monitors the position of all four outriggers and automatically programs the corresponding "Rated Lifting Capacities" table based on the footprint of the current setup.

  • 154.2-foot (47m) 5-section rounded boom and a 58.1-foot (33.2m) bi-fold off-settable lattice jib
  • Two telescoping modes to suit specific lifts
  • 100-ton hook blocks; eight sheaves with swivel hook block and safety latch. 7.3-ton weighted hook ball with swivel and safety latch
  • HELLO-NET telematics allows monitoring crane status, location and maintenance schedule from a remote computer
  • Powered by Mitsubishi 6M60-TLA3B diesel engine
  • Eco Mode controls engine speed: Eco Mode 1 can reduce fuel consumption up to 22 percent, and Eco Mode 2, up to 30 percent 
  • Air-over-hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels with electro-pneumatic exhaust brake

Brochure: Tadano GR-1600XL-2 Rough Terrain Crane

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