LC 330US Lattice Boom Crawler Crane

The Terex LC 330 lattice boom crawler crane is the largest crawler crane in this product range

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Terex 10835350

The LC 330US lattice boom crawler crane has a 330-ton maximum lifting capacity and 1,810 mt maximum load moment.

  • Can be configured with up to 275 ft. of main boom or up to 196 ft. of main boom with a 236-ft.  luffing jib for a total maximum system length of 432 ft.
  • Counterweight tray design includes two stacks on each side to reduce counterweight stack height, lower center of gravity and improve counterweight assembly efficiency
  • Standard assembly remote control increases rigging ease
  • Main boom can be rigged “free in the air” with up to 177 ft. of main boom without an assist crane
  • Slide-in system for the main boom sections more efficiently utilizes truck payload to reduce transportation costs and time
  • Wide cabin can comfortably fit a second operator and includes two operating screens displaying engine, winches and crane settings and the IC-1 Load Moment Indicator
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