EC3200 Aluminum Telescopic Service Crane

Stellar's EC3200 aluminum telescopic service crane weighs 230 lb. less than its steel counterpart

Stellar Ec3200 Aluminum
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At just 500 lbs., the EC3200 Aluminum electric telescopic service crane is more than 30% lighter than its steel counterpart without sacrificing crane performance.

  • Aluminum extrusion construction and proprietary design and manufacturing techniques enable 3,200 lbs. of lifting capacity and 15 ft. of horizontal reach
  • Rated at 11,500 ft.-lbs., making it suitable for service bodies with crane reinforcement kits
  • Low-profile design for work in confined areas
  • Robust gear bearing rotation system with a high-strength steel ball bearing turntable gear, high-strength steel worm gear and cast steel worm gear housing
  • Planetary winch ensures the winch will continue lifting until it reaches the full rated capacity
  • 410°  of rotation with an integrated rotation stop to provide optimal performance while protecting wires and hoses from damage
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance for lower maintenance and longer equipment life
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