Vermeer CTX160 Mini Skid Steer

The model is designed to handle jobs such as moving heavy material, working ground-engaging attachments and efficiently maneuvering in congested operating conditions

Vermeer Ctx160
Vermeer Standard Lockup 2clr Flat

The Vermeer CTX160 mini skid steer is the newest and largest machine in the Vermeer mini skid steer lineup. With heavy lifting capabilities and compact footprint, the CTX160 is well-suited for a landscape contractor. Features and benefits include:

  • 40-hp Kohler diesel engine
  • 9-in. tracks the CTX160 is 42 in. in total width, offering maximized traction and low ground pressure (psi)
  • Multifunctional display allows the operator to continuously monitor machine readouts and diagnostics
  • Pilot-operated ground drive enables operator to maintain smooth control of the single joystick
  • Platform keeps users out of mud and debris while the operator presence system suspends ground drive and attachment motion if the operator steps off the machine
  • Dual auxiliary hydraulic control offers the ability to use a variety of attachments
  • Universal mounting plate allows operator to easily hook up various Vermeer authorized attachments
  • Vertical geometry enables a lift capacity of 1,600 lbs. and hinge pin height of 88.75 in. and pushes the load further away from the machine for dumping into a truck

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