Bobcat Launches Utility Tractors

Bobcat UT6066, UT6566 and UT6573 utility tractors are designed for material handling, transport, land clearing and more.

Bobcat UT6066, UT6566 and UT6573 utility tractors are designed for material handling, transport, land clearing and more.
Bobcat UT6066, UT6566 and UT6573 utility tractors are designed for material handling, transport, land clearing and more.
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Bobcat has expanded its tractor lineup with the launch of three utility tractors: the Bobcat UT6066, UT6566 and UT6573. Bobcat utility tractors are built for heavy-duty work on spacious worksites.

“Designed with intuitive, operator-friendly controls, Bobcat utility tractors are dependable, easy to operate, and highly versatile machines that maximize performance and productivity,” said Jonathan Widmer, Bobcat senior product specialist. “There’s less demand on operators so they can focus more on leaving behind great results, whether they’re putting an implement to work or moving material with the tractor’s loader.”

Bobcat utility tractors feature 12x12 power shuttle transmissions that deliver shifting without stepping into a clutch pedal. Powered by turbocharged, Tier 4 diesel engines, these versatile workhorses offer performance with low-end torque. The tractors offer reliable starts, swift travel speeds, component life, service access and simple maintenance, as well as reduced noise and vibration.

The climate-controlled cab comes standard on the UT6566 and UT6573. The utility tractors also feature wide glass panels, visibility to the 3-pt hitch, power and tilt steering and accessible controls. 

Implement and Attachment Versatility

Bobcat offers an optional front-end loader with free-standing capability when removed. The loader delivers lift and reach capabilities. It comes with the Bobcat Bob-Tach attachment mounting system for attachment changes and an integrated hydraulic valve for powered attachment operations. The mechanical, self-leveling loader keeps pallet forks level throughout the full range of motion and minimizes bucket spillage.

Bobcat utility tractors feature rear power take-off (PTO) that achieves 540 rpm at engine speeds of either 1,800 rpm or 2,500 rpm. The Category 2, 3-point hitch supports versatility, allowing operators to take on tasks that require both non-powered and PTO-powered implements. The telescopic lower links and stabilizers support implement connections and removals without the need for tools. Rear-remote hydraulics further enable these tractors’ implement versatility. Operators can engage the PTO with just the push and turn of a button.

Bobcat Ut6573 Utility Tractor Wide AngleBobcat


  • PTO Cruise enables operators to maintain consistent PTO power when the engine’s load conditions change.
  • Draft Control helps maintain the desired implement height, raising the implement only when required to prevent tire slippage or engine stall.
  • Four-Wheel Drive engages at the push of a button.
  • Rear-Remote Hydraulics offer operators versatility by enabling hydraulic functions for many implements.
  • Power and Tilt Steering supports operation.
  • Mechanical Self-leveling keeps the loader bucket or pallet forks level and minimizes bucket spillage.
  • Loader Floatation allows the loader attachment to follow the ground contour.
  • Bobcat Bob-Tach supports loader attachment changes.

Bobcat Ut6066 Utility Tractor BackBobcat

“Whether you need a dependable tractor for cutting hay, clearing snow, feeding livestock, seeding food plots, handling materials or a multitude of other tasks, there’s a versatile Bobcat utility tractor to help you do more with one machine,” said Widmer.            

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