Wacker Jumps Into Loader Market

New product offering includes three compact models.

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The company reknowned for its "jumping jacks" (rammers) has taken a new leap, this time into the wheel loader market. At a press event held at its North American headquarters in Menomonee Falls, WI, Wacker Corp. introduced three compact hydrostatic drive models - the 1.8-ton WL 18, the 2.5-ton WL 25 and the 3-ton WL 30.

The intention with these new machines is to assume certain tasks typically performed by large skid- steer loaders. "We're going to market with these machines as a replacement in some applications for skid steers," states Jay Baudhuin, compact class product manager.

He cites several advantages, including ease of movement around and to and from jobsites, as well as lower operating costs. "When you look at the cost of ownership, these machines use smaller displacement engines than a skid steer," he explains. "This results in reduced fuel costs."

Baudhuin cites the WL 30 as an example. "The new Wacker WL 30 compact wheel loader can perform the same tasks as a higher powered skid loader, but deliver up to 30% in fuel savings," he points out. "And with today's fuel prices, that can be big savings in fuel costs.

"It's also faster with its two-speed transmission (up to 12.43 mph)," he adds, "easier to transport from job to job, and has a higher resale value."

Big specs in a small package
Targeted for lighter duty applications requiring a highly compact machine, the 4,057-lb. WL 18 packs a lot of punch, delivering over 2,792 lbs. of breakout force and a hydraulic lifting capacity of more than 4,145 lbs. Power is supplied by a Perkins three-cylinder diesel engine generating 25 hp at 2,800 rpm.

The unit has a .26-cu.-yd. bucket capacity, and offers an 81-in. maximum dump height. Maximum travel speed is 9.5 mph. An 86-in. outside turning radius is made possible by the articulated design and narrow profile. Hydraulically operated, centrally articulated, pendulum steering (found on all three models) provides even further maneuverability.

The 5,556-lb. WL 25 multipurpose loader has a high breakout force of almost 4,471 lbs. and a hydraulic lifting capacity of over 5,559 lbs. Its four-cylinder Perkins diesel engine supplies 48 hp at 2,800 rpm. The two-speed transmission enables a

top speed of 12.43 mph. Outside turning radius is 102 in. Maximum dump height is 81 in. with a standard .46-cu.-yd. bucket.

The 6,979-lb. WL 30 "professional" hydrostatic all-wheel-drive loader features a 48-hp Perkins four-cylinder diesel engine. The unit is capable of delivering a 7,259-lb. hydraulic lifting capacity, 9,089-lb. breakout force and 95-in. dump height. The outside turning radius is 110 in.

All three loader models are equipped with a universal coupler for easy attachment changes. A full array of attachment options are available.

The units also offer roomy, comfortable cabs or platforms; easy to operate controls; quiet engines and 360° visibility to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. Easy access to the engine and other compartments ensures maintainability and serviceability.