Applications of Compact Wheel Loaders

The compact wheel loader is relatively new to the construction industry and though it may not have as many hours on it as compared to other equipment, many contractors and equipment rental houses are finding a variety of applications where these units excel. Often overlapping duties typically performed by a skid steer, the compact wheel loader is commonly becoming preferred for heavier lifting, travel of long distances and when a project calls for numerous cycles. Join the Equipment Connection Podcast as industry product experts share their insights on the features of the compact wheel loader and where owners will see the biggest return on their investment. Guests: Sam Meeker, Compact Wheel Loader Marketing Specialist - Caterpillar John Sogandares, Regional Product Specialist - Compact Class Construction Products - Wacker Neuson Mark Myrick, International Sales Manager - Compact Power
Wacker Neuson Compact Wheel Loaders
Caterpillar 906H and 908H Wheel Loaders
Compact Power 700 Series Compact Loader
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